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In this DVD set 3 Guro Rick Tucci will guide us into the essence of the traditional combat martial art of Filipino Kali. Guro Rick Tucci already practicing the Jeet Kune Do and Kali Arnis discipline with Dan Inosanto masters and reaching level masters. Guro Rick Tucci has released two special DVD sets of two departments I Learned from, and this is one of them. Guro Rick Tucci is currently the head of the Princeton Academy Martial Arts Academy under founder.
This DVD set is a combination 2 of 8 volumes containing full of martial arts fighting techniques with sticks, combat knives, karambit, unarmed combat, according to the formal techniques of the Philippines. This is the DVD or not to be missed for anyone who loves martial arts. Kali – The Filipino Martial Arts8 volumes on 2 DVDs

In this info-packed eight volume series, Guro Rick Tucci will share with you the drills, training methods and techniques that will take you from beginner all the way to instructor level in the Filipino Martial Arts.

The dvds focus on the Inosanto / Lacoste Blend system, as taught to Guro Tucci by the legendary Magulang Na Guro Dan Inosanto. All classes are taught by Guro Tucci, a full instructor at Guro Inosanto and the owner of the Princeton Academy of Martial Arts.

You cannot afford to miss this series! The drills are explained in great detail and broken down making them easy to learn fast!

Filipino Kali (9 DVDs) Rick TucciKALI: The Filipino Martial Arts – Vol. 1Part 1 Lineage, Stick Grips, Base Strikes and Blocks, Number Systems, Double Stick, Abecedario Basic, Footwork Basic.
Part 2 12 Areas of Kali, Stick & Dagger Basics, Single Stick Basics (Long, Medium, Close Range), Basic Blocks, Sumbrada, Punyo Sumbrada, Higot Hubad Lubad, Individual Dagger Basics (Long, Medium, Close Range), Basic Abecedario .

KALI: The Filipino Martial Arts – Vol. two
Intermediate Double Stick, Punch and Footwork, Single Stick (Long, Medium, First), Swing, Stick & Dagger, Tie Ups & Disarms, Single Dagger VS. Single Dagger (Middle and Close), Palisut Flow, Intermediate Abecedario.

KALI: The Filipino Martial Arts – Vol. 3
Double Stick, Single Stick (Long, Medium, First), Higot Hubad Lubad Variations, Breaking In & Out of Ranges, Stick & Dagger, Numbered, Abecedario.

KALI: The Filipino Martial Arts – Vol. 4
Training Impact, Sumbrada, Stick & Dagger, Mixed Abecedario, Environmental Training, Double Stick – Dashing Attacks, Sparring.

KALI: The Filipino Martial Arts – Vol. 5
Variations of Dagger Grip, Double Dagger, Abecedario, Disarm (Static and Flow), Single Stick Disarm, Double Stick Disarm, Sword Disarm, Stick & Dagger Disarm.

KALI: The Filipino Martial Arts – Vol. 6
Dagger vs. dagger disarm, double dagger vs. dual dagger disarm, spear and stick takedowns, stick blocking (standing and grappling).

KALI: The Filipino Martial Arts – Vol. 7
Officials – Drills and training methods utilizing single and double endings, numbering system, 8-9-12-15 count drills, alphabets, summed against, pushing and sensitivity, sparring with real teams and training.

KALI: The Filipino Martial Arts – Vol. 8
Sarong & Empty Hands – Stand up and ground blocks, chokes, throws and attacks with a flexible weapon and empty hands, fights and sparring with a sarong, etc.


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