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Baret Yoshida Series – Interview with Baret Yoshida
Watch as Saulo interviews Baret Yoshida following the filming of this Guest Seminar Series for the BJJ Library.

Baret Yoshida Series 1 – Loop Choke
Barest Yoshida begins this series demonstrating how he put his opponent to sleep at the Nationals competition with this sleeper Loop Choke as the opponent attempts to pass Baret’s guard holding his pant legs at the knees.

Baret Yoshida Series 2 – Crucifix Choke
In this lesson Baret continues with one of this favorite positions. This time its the Crucifix Choke. Watch as he sets up the choke as he is transitioning to his opponents back.

Baret Yoshida Series 3 – Triangle Choke
Baret continues his series with another choke. This time the Triangle Choke from the closed guard position using a belt grip and controlling the wrist while flicking the leg to get the pass.

Baret Yoshida Series 4 – Countered Belt Triangle Choke Variations
In this video Baret shows us two options should your opponent counter your triangle choke attempt. Keeping calm in situations like this will allow you to identify the new opportunity that presented itself and react with these variations using the same set up from the Triangle Choke.

Baret Yoshida Series 5 – Belt Grip Triangle Choke Variation
Baret continues to work on what to do should your opponent counter your belt grip triangle choke attempt. This time show us how to lock in an arm bar.

Baret Yoshida Series 6 – Modified Kimura Lock from Side Control
In this video Baret shows us a Modified Kimura Lock from Side Control. This technique is especially useful should your opponent attempt to defend the initial Kimura by locking his or her hands together. The steps taught in this video will give you a second chance to tap your opponent with Kimura.

Baret Yoshida Series 7 – Crucifix Choke
Baret continues the series showing us how to transition to a Crucifix Choke should your opponent successfully defend the Modified Kimura Lock from Side Control taught in the previous lesson.

Baret Yoshida Series 8 – Taking the back from Closed Guard
In this video Baret shows us a technique to transition from the Closed Guard position and take your opponents back where you can finish with any number of chokes.

Baret Yoshida Series 9 – Choke from the Back Mount
In this video Baret teaches one of his favorite chokes. Starting from the Back mount securing the choke as he rolls his opponent under his armpit.

Baret Yoshida Series 10 – Choke choke from the Butterfly Guard
Baret teaches us another one of his favorite chokes this time starting from the Butterfly Guard and using an under hook to bring your opponent into your Full Guard and finish with a choke.

Baret Yoshida Series 11 – Kimura Lock Defense
In this video Baret shows us a very effective defense for when your opponent attempts a Kimura Lock by placing the free arm on the inside of your opponents arm to use is as leverage to pull out the arm your opponent is trying to lock up.

Baret Yoshida Series 12 – Triangle Choke Escape
After showing us a wide array of choke to use against your opponent, Baret finishes his choke seminar with a Triangle Choke escape. Knowing how to escape a choke attempt by an opponent is valuable information to know from both the offensive and defensive perspective.


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